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Reflections on quarantine life

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Hey peeps,

Pre-opening blog post… for those who missed it, we are going to be open from tomorrow onwards (18th May) & our new temp timetable will be weekdays 8 to 3, weekends 9.30 to 4. This should allow us to get you covered, no matter your work/ leisure schedule!

But enough with announcement.

Today’s post will be a sort of reflection on my quarantine.

First things first: pre-quarantine expectations/ goals to achieve during lockdown

I thought, since I’d get so much free time, I’d explore DIY, I’d spend a few hours a day revising German, I’d read one book a week, I’d exercise more, I’d learn how to bake.

I thought this should be the chance to explore a new Me, to be creative, productive, to be a busy bee with things not work related. It was important for me to set targets to make sure these weeks would not be a waste of time.

Well, I can’t say I can tick many of those boxes but you know what? I think that’s quite alright. As you might know, when Kanenas is open I work approximately 60-70 hours per week with no days off. I think in the 6 months before the temp closure, I have played the role of the busy bee enough that I could be doing frick-all for another month or so.

I did make a few self-discoveries though: I do not like baking, and I definitely, definitely do not like doing DIY.

I like reading- although if the book isn’t catching me, no point of turning another page- I’d never finish it.

I like sunbathing for hours just listening to the wind or the neighbour’s music/ kids. My kind of restorative yoga.

I like taking my bike out without having a destination in mind nor a curfew time.

I like to browse the internet for new recipes so that my partner can prepare them for me.

I like not to have to set up an alarm (well I guess that’s not me specific)

I like wearing sports clothes and being barefoot (kind of knew that one already)

I like writing blog posts!!

I enjoy practising yoga more when I don’t need to rush to get to class. When I get to choose the time, I feel more in tune with my mind and body, and my practice gets deeper.

I like barre workouts (I think by far this was the most astounding discovery- although thinking about it, since I did ballet when I was younger, it shouldn’t be that surprising after all).

easy bike ride to richmond & back

This quarantine also made me realise what I miss from my “normal” life and that some choices I made in the past were actually the right ways to go.


I miss being able to go to dinner to a friend’s house and/or invite people to mine- I should make a mental note to make sure that happens more often once this craziness has ended.


I miss meeting up with friends even for just a quick coffee or a walk around central London.


My social life at work is very important to me. Customers do become more than just people supporting my business. They become a point of reference, and their visits something to look forward to. This might sound very “lick-ass” but not in the least. I genuinely feel connected to my regulars and I look forward to seeing as many of them/you tomorrow for a catch up.

busy Sunday morning at Kanenas- Feb 2020

I am grateful I chose hospitality as a profession. For those who don’t know, I actually studied arts market and should I have pursued that as a career, I’d most probably be a very different person.

I love London. I think if I need to be stuck somewhere there’s no other place I’d rather be. I could live here for 100 years, and still be amazed every day by its multi-faceted beauty.

As much as I love spending time at Kanenas, I need to find time to get to do other things I love on a daily basis, ie cycling, sunbathing (well, that’s only partially up to me- bless you Weather), meeting up with friends.

And I am going to call these my POST COVID life resolutions. Easier said than done, but I accept the challenge 😊

What are your resolutions? Have you learned to slow down during lockdown? Will you be able to take your new beautiful habits into the POST COVID era? I’d love to hear your side of the “history”.

Anyway, time to get ready. Big day tomorrow! I hope to see most of you soon. Stay safe (or should I say, stay alert?)!


Mama Kanenas

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