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my new favourite summer drink

iced matcha oatly latte

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Happy Sunday everyone! It’s kind of becoming a habit of mine to now post on Sunday… It sounds like a good new tradition to me. Almost like a way to reflect upon the past week and see all that’s good and positive in spite of all the craziness. I can’t make any promises it will happen every week but I shall try.

Let’s talk about this beautiful new summer drink of ours… Iced matcha Oatly latte….

today's protagonist | plant on the left was a gift from a regular customer of ours :)

Before getting into what’s in it, I will say this: my partner, Papa Panos, is actually enjoying it quite a fair bit and he doesn’t particularly like either matcha or oat mylk (and he’s a pain with all things food and drink! PS I love him). That should give you an idea of how good it is already!

Lalani and Co green velvet organic matcha EXPLAINED

WHAT 100% Sae Midori varietal plants | Saemidori means clear green | It’s a cultivar, Yabukita + Asatsuyu varieties | Shaded for up to 25 days

WHEN Ichibancha season: the first flush tea |harvested between late April and early May; rated as a top quality tea

WHERE Family-owned tea garden on the volcanic soils of Kagoshima: Southern Japan, in the proximity of the active Sakurajima volcano

FLAVOUR PROFILE nutty, creamy, grassy with a lovely buttery texture

BENEFITS full of antioxidants including the powerful EGCg | rich in fiber, chlorophyll + vitamins | lowers cholesterol + blood sugar

Oatly barista oat mylk EXPLAINED

WHAT oat based drink | water oats rapeseed oil acidity regulator calcium carbonate salt vitamins potassium iodine (all of which is plant-based, approved for consumption + sustainable

WHERE from Malmö, Sweden

FLAVOUR PROFILE sweet, smooth, notes of vanilla

BENEFITS plant-based (therefore good for a dairy-free diet) | free from soy | rich in unsaturated fat | the oats are not certified gluten-free but contain less than 100 ppm (mg/kg product) gluten from wheat, rye and barley. Could be labelled “Very low gluten”

the hot sibling


A refreshing summer drink, w plenty of health benefits + unique nutty buttery flavour + easy to replicate at home (make sure though to buy top quality matcha powder- most of the stuff out there is pure rubbish)


All done for today, until next time guys!


Keep well,


Robi xx


Mama Kanenas

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