Hey peeps, sorry I missed last week but it was just too frantic!

This post is going to be dedicated to one of my biggest loves: London town.

trafalgar square | june 2020

Big city life: you hate it, you love it, you tolerate it, you embrace it, you promote it, you want to escape from it, you miss it, you don’t know why you are there but at the same time you can’t picture yourself anywhere else.

I think it’s always hard to find an emotional balance when you live in a big city like London that never stands still. Every month there’s a new coffee shop, a new bar, a new health store, a new gym concept. You name it, London has it.

new-ish kid on the block LOL

No matter how versatile and adjustable you might be, the race with ever-changing London is a tough one: it’s definitely hard to keep up with the constant change in scenery in this beautiful metropolis.

I fell in love with London during my first visit back in 2007. My friend Julie and I (who also lives in London now) spent two weeks in Cambridge “studying English” (90% of the other students were also Italian so I don’t think that was particularly useful).

believe it or not, I couldn't wait to trial Starbucks coffee...

Back home, coffee is so traditional, I was eager to try something new!!!

Although Cambridge was nice enough, I couldn’t wait to visit London. Julie’s been there before and would tell me about Camden Town, how much I’d love it there (I was quite into punk – the posh “I am from Turin” kind, she was all about the emo “movement”), with all its colours, shops, markets.

So, we set for a day trip to London on a questionably clean National Express bus.

It was love at the first site: Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus, Camden Town… everything seems so unreal, exciting, different, intriguing. Funny how I barely go to these places now.

spot the intruder | piccadilly circus | july 2007

Anyway, I kind of knew already back then that I had to live here at some point.

I came back during my last year of high school in February 2010, and that’s when I made the decision to apply to study at Kingston University.

typical tourist pic | constitution hill | february 2010

So there I was, 7 months later, landing at Stansted Airport with all my stuff. National Express to Marble Arch, then central line to Queensway. Final destination: that room in Bayswater that would become my home for the following 3 months. It was a crappy CRAPPY flat, with old beige carpet everywhere other than the kitchen floor (yes, even in the toilet!), but I loved every inch of it. The smell of mould was the smell of freedom, independence, strength, excitement, adultness. I don’t think I ever felt so empowered as I did back then.

After three years of student life, uni came to an end and my nomadic existence started: Cumbria, Portugal, back to Cumbria, London once again, Manchester, El Salvador, Bristol.

January 2018: back to London town. One of the rightest decisions I have ever taken. And yes, although every once in a way I wake up in the morning and wish to be living by the beach in a small island in the Hawaiian archipelago, I don’t think I will actually fit anywhere else as easily as I do here.

sunrise at tower of london | summer 2018

Cosmopolitan, open-minded, fast-paced, ancient, modern, busy, crowded, green, expensive but worthy, relentless, ruthless yet kind. Simply wonderful.

What’s London to you? What attracted you here, what kept you here, what made you go, what do you struggle with, what inspires you?





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