available for takeaway + outdoor seating only

every day until 3.30pm

FYI our sourdough loaves (all made in house from scratch using organic flour ONLY) are available to purchase THURSDAY to SUNDAY (we occasionally bake on Monday morning too, so make sure you follow us on social medias to see what we are up to!)

good morning cinnamon buns / butter croissants + cruffins / sweet treats (available until close)

please see counter for freshly baked cakes, muffins + more created daily in our kitchen

housemade doughnuts (available from 10.30ish every day)

-plain 2.3

-filled (all our fillings are also made in house) 3-

see our instagram page for today's flavours

plum + hazelnut scotch oats w greek yoghurt (GF) (V)


housemade granola w greek yoghurt and banana (GF) (V)

maple syrup, sesame seeds, roasted almonds, dried apricots


housemade organic sourdough toast w organic butter (V) + choose:

housemade jam (V) OR housemade nutella (Ve) OR cretan honey (V)


eggs your way on housemade organic sourdough toast (V) || UPGRADE TO BUTTER CROISSANT +1.8

2 free range eggs poached, fried or scrambled (+0.5)


cretan eggs w housemade organic sourdough toast (V)

2 free range poached eggs, greek yoghurt, staka, gochugaru, sumac


strapatsada & pastourmas w housemade organic sourdough toast

2 free range eggs, slow roasted tomato sauce, feta, seasoned air-dried cured beef


organic sourdough toasties (available until close)

Alfanεw: carrot hummus, roasted aubergine + courgette, lemon (Ve) 5-

Beta: roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes, greek goat's cheese, balsamic (V) 6-

Gamma: italian artichoke, manouri cheese, pickled lemon 6.5

Deltanεw: prosciutto crudo, greek goat's cheese, mint pistachio basil pesto, roasted courgette 7-

Zeta: mortadella, mozzarella, housemade rocket pesto, confit tomatoes 7-

brunch style pitas

Helen: roasted aubergine, housemade hummus, walnuts, diced tomato + cucumber salad (Ve) 5.5

-add greek feta (V) +0.5

Penelope: crushed butterbeans, tarragon mushroom, spinach (Ve) 5.5

-add greek feta (V) +0.5

Cassandra: carrot hummus, courgette fritter, coriander salad (Ve) 5.5

-add greek feta (V) +0.5

Ulysses: omelette, yoghurt, herbs + choose: tarragon mushroom (V) OR soutzouki sausage 6.5

add a side:

organic sourdough toast 0.8 | free range egg 1-1.5 | tarragon mushrooms (Ve) 2 |

pastourmas 3 | soutzouki sausage 3

(GF) gluten intolerant friendly | (Ve) vegan | (V) vegetarian

all dishes may contain traces of allergens | allergen information available on request

a discretionary 10% service charge will be added to all food bills | 100% of service charge goes to staff

please be advised that we have a policy against menu alterations, we offer add-ons should you wish to include extra ingredients to your meal, however we cannot swap items like-for-like.

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