available every day until 3.30pm | sit in + takeaway

FYI our sourdough loaves (all made in house from scratch using organic flour ONLY) are available to purchase THURSDAY to SATURDAY (we occasionally bake on Sunday + Monday morning too, so make sure you follow us on social medias to see what we are up to!)


goodmorning cinnamon buns / butter croissants + cruffins / sweet treats 


housemade granola w greek yoghurt and peach (GF) (V)  

maple syrup, sesame seeds, roasted almonds, dried apricots 



housemade organic sourdough toast w organic butter + 

housemade jam (V) OR housemade Nutella (Ve) OR cretan honey 



eggs your way on housemade organic sourdough toast (V)/ see below for optional sides 

2 free range eggs poached, fried or scrambled (+0.5) 




cretan eggs w housemade organic sourdough toast (V) (S) 

2 free range poached eggs, greek yoghurt, staka, gochugaru, sumac 



strapatsada & pastourmas w housemade organic sourdoughtoast 

2 free range eggs, slow roasted tomato sauce, feta, seasoned air-dried cured beef 



aubergine stack (GF) (V) 

greek feta, santorini caper leaves, roasted aubergine, salsa verde, datterini tomatoes 



organic sourdough toasties (available until close) 

  • Alfa: carrot hummus, roasted aubergine + courgette, lemon (Ve) 5- 
  • Beta: roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes, greek goat's cheese, balsamic (V) 6- 
  • Gamma: italian artichoke, manouri cheese, pickled lemon 6.5 
  • Delta: prosciutto crudo, greek goat’s cheese, mint pistachio pesto, roasted courgette 7- 
  • Kappa: spicy nduja, mozzarella, housemade lemon salsa verde (S) 7-


brunch style pitas / add greek feta (V) +0.5 

  • Helen: roasted aubergine, housemade hummus, walnut, diced tomato + cucumber salad (Ve) (S) 5.5  
  • Penelope: crushed butterbeans, tarragon mushroom, spinach (Ve) 5.5  
  • Cassandra: housemade carrot hummus, courgette fritter, coriander salad (Ve) (S) 5.5  
  • Ulysses: omelette, yoghurt, herbs + choose: tarragon mushroom (V) OR soutzouki sausage 6.5   


add a side: 

organic sourdough toast 0.8 | free range egg 1- 1.5 | tarragon mushrooms (Ve) 2 | feta (V) 2 | pastourmas (air-dried cured beef) 3 | soutzouki sausage 3   

(GF) gluten intolerant friendly | (Ve) vegan | (V) vegetarian | (S) slightly spicy

all dishes may contain traces of allergens| allergen info available on request  

a discretionary 10% service charge will be added to all food bills | 100% of service charge goes to staff 

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