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Tah dah! First blog post is out!

quarantine mode: super ON

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Hey guys,

First things first, this is my very first blog post EVER so don't be too judgy/ snobby/ or have high expectations alright? This is just me (Robi) rambling on and touching base with you lot.

I don't know what you all have been up to these past few weeks. Everyone seems to be handling this quarantine in rather different ways:

relaxed vs panicky

lazy vs super productive

too much netflix vs a thousand sit ups per day (guys, this summer ain't happening so don't bother with getting a perfect bikini/ speedo body- you look just fine for sweatpants)

food delivery for every meal vs getting ready to enter some sort of banana bread competition

work from home vs furlough (aka doing frick all)

loving vs hating one's spouse/ family members/ flatmates (it's always a fine line there anyway)

Personally, I have been balancing out my life in a way that I wasn't able to during the past 6 odd months (if you visit Kanenas often you'll know that I practically live there!). Working on the business, reading, playing beach rackets (in my backyard), experimenting with recipes, virtually talking to friends. I have kind of adjusted well to this temp new lifestyle. And as you can see, I am finally getting stuff done ie blogging, which in the pre-covid19 era I wasn't finding time for.

Of course I consider myself extremely lucky as I have the means to face this challenge in a relaxed way, knowing that all people around me are so far healthy, both physically + mentally.


We are still unsure when we will be able to re/open the coffee shop. Our priority is local, national and international well-being, reason for which (as I have explained to those who have asked) we are not even trading as takeaway.

Of course we miss all our customers very much (hence nostalgic picture above, taken during my last shift at the shop). We are working on many things to look forward to once this mess is finally over, so as to welcome you back with a smile and plenty of exciting surprises.

In the meantime, stay safe (and home!), make sure to connect with us through our Instagram, Pinterest + Facebook accounts (@kanenascoffeelondon), leave a Google review (not only to us, but to all your favourite bars, shops, cultural centres, etc) and keep positive!

Loads of love, positive vibes + virtual flat whites to all of you

Robi (Mama Kanenas)

Next post? TBC

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