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Hey there,

First week of reopening is now behind us. So happy to be back and see all of you! We can’t express in words how much we appreciate your support!

Good thing about opening, temporarily closing and opening again is that we get to have two anniversaries! Not that we need excuses to celebrate, but it’s nice to add “kanenas’ birthday” x 2 to the calendar.


Official opening: 16th October 2019

Official re/opening: 18th May 2020 (also mama+papa’s first wedding anniversary so that’s kind of cool)

We will make sure (covid19 permitting) to properly celebrate with you on both occasions!

always celebrating w @climpsonandsons nitro coffee martini

Our findings during week 1:

  • When the sun is out, it’s all about iced lattes (freddos if you are Greek-ish)! Kind of a given, but to dethrone flat white? That’s commitment!
  • You guys love our cookies: be it lemon hazelnut, toasted coconut or fruits & nuts, we always sell out so fast!
  • No matter how hot it gets, salted caramel brownies are always a good idea.
  • Your support has been even more generous than expected. Thank you so much to those who have been coming regularly since we opened and re/opened. Every day that goes by we are even more certain that Ealing was the right place where to start our business.
  • Although life has slowed down significantly, some people are still in a rush (chill guys!), reason for which we have moved the counter a bit back, in order to quicken service. Don’t worry, still only two people in (a few more if from the same household) at all times + 2 meter social distancing + I am wearing a mask when serving.
  • Our talented friend Nicola Wiltshire’s prints which I hung by the entrance have been a hit 😊 they brighten up the room so nicely! Thank you Nicola! A bit of positivity is all we need right now! [find out more about her and her work at https://www.nicolawiltshire.com/]  

Kanenas to-go setup (first week/ counter is now a bit further in to guarantee faster service)

What’s to expect next?

Honestly, no idea. As optimistic and assertive as we are trying to be, we are not very sure when we are going to be able to have you over for brekky and brunch. We are still going to be doing takeaways of delicious coffees and cakes, but other than that, we live by the week and make decisions accordingly. We definitely look forward to going back to some sort of normality, but again, our priority is everyone’s health so we won’t be rushing into anything just yet.

How’s everyone coping? We are always here (well, 8-3 weekdays, 9.30-4 weekends/ bank holiday) if you fancy hanging out for a bit- and are available online pretty much 24/7 if you want to chat via Instagram 😊

Oh I almost forgot: we now have branded 100% cotton tote bags!

First 10 go for a fiver each! (3 left)

Standard retail price: 7-

We promise you’d look much cooler when walking around with one of these 😊

Aren't they a beaut?

Kanenas reusable cups coming up soon! STAY TUNED (and safe!)


Mama Kanenas xx

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