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at last!!!!!

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This must be the 20th time I’ve tried to start this post over the past 4-5 weeks (hope this will be the last!). Since we’ve re-opened for sit-in, things have been so hectic, it’s been almost impossible to find time to sit down and write. Here I am though, so I am going to high five myself for finding 20 minutes to do this.


I’ve not realised it was the end of August until I received an email from a supplier of ours, notifying us about their amended delivery schedule over the bank holiday weekend. And I was like What? What bank holiday weekend?! This summer has been so odd I've completely lost track of time. Well, actually, this whole year hasn’t made a lot of sense altogether. Staying at home for two months with some pretty decent sunny warm weather back in spring kind of confused my whole calendar. It reminded me of my lazy summer holiday vacations at the seaside with my grandparents when I was a teenager: waking up late, having homemade food every meal, going for a daily jog and spending the rest of my time reading under the sun. Only difference: instead of having my grandma telling me off about getting sun-burnt- I’d have Panos. No matter who yells though, I never listen.

my lockdown "routine"

When we re-opened the shop for takeaway back in May, it did indeed feel as if I was going back to school in September after three lovely summer months: I was excited to get off my butt for a change, I was happy I was going to hang out with my mates (customers) again, but waking up early in the morning and be prepared to do some work, that was a toughie, both physically and mentally.

The weather got worse again, which just reinforced my feeling of the new academic year starting. Then the heat wave arrived as quickly as it then disappeared. That really threw me off. So, I am really glad Decent Packaging (our compostable cup supplier) sent this notification email to us and brought me back to reality early enough to have time to organise this beautiful bank holiday weekend! Technically the season doesn’t end until the 21st of September but we are still going to celebrate in great style as if this was the end of summer.

there's nothing stopping these guys from having a coffee and chat!

Opening times: SATURDAY – SUNDAY – MONDAY 9.30 to 5pm, kitchen closes at 3.30

Full brunch menu ALL THREE DAYS (yes, even Monday- don’t get too used to it though - it’ll go back to Thursday to Sunday the week after)

EAT OUT TO HELP OUT SCHEME on Monday!!!! 50% OFF ALL FOOD AND DRINKS (n/a booze!) up to £10 pp

BLOODY ULYSSES (our take on bloody mary) from 11am onwards – with housemade tomato mix and East London Liquor Company Vodka (hurray!)

Plenty of cinnamon buns, our signature organic sourdough bread, naughty salted caramel brownies + good vibes


Be there or be squared as the cool kids say

the place to be


Just when you thought this was brilliant enough, boom. Another great news. As none of you knows, I am turning 21 next week Thursday (only partially a lie- I am still in my 20s but just about).

So all housemade brownies / cakes / cookies / whatever we bake that morning will be 25% off!!! Look, even if you don’t fancy cake, just stop by and sing me happy birthday- that’d do for me.

throwback to my bday in 2018 (when I turned 19 lol)

What else? I think I’ve covered quite a lot of ground here today. Thank you again everyone for the warm support. We literally wouldn’t be here without you.

Stay dry, warm, safe, happy and caffeinated you all 😊

Robi xx

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