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  • about us

    who we are

    At Kanenas we’re independent, family-owned and proud to be engaging with our local community by serving the highest quality brunch dishes and housemade baked goods, using the finest British and Mediterranean ingredients.

    We collaborate closely with our suppliers in order to guarantee fresh, tasty, unique, nutritious dishes that we promise you'll love.


    Thank you Allpress for our beautiful espresso blend, training + support

    Thank you Brades Farm & Oatly, for turning our flat white into badass flatties

    Thank you Gastronomica for all the Italian goodies

    Thank you Lalani and Co, single batch teas with a fun twist

    Thank you Nazani Teas, for our Greek inspired infusion menu

    Thank you Natoora, man do we love those tomatoes!

    Thank you Maltby & Greek, for making us feel at home even when thousands of miles away

    Thank you Shipton Mill, may your organic flour always make our loaves shine bright

    who's kanenas?

    Κανένας (Kanenas, Modern Greek for nobody) is used as a pseudonym by Homeric hero Odysseus, king of Ithaca, in his ploy to escape Cyclops Polyphemus’s clutches.

    Amongst the many adventures during his journey back home after the Trojan War is the encounter with the one-eye giant on the Island of the Cyclopes. Having been taken prisoner together with his men, Odysseus has no choice but to come up with a cunning plan to escape from the Cyclopes’ cave. Inebriated by the wine offered by Odysseus, Polyphemus asks our hero what his name is.


    Cyclops, you asked my noble name, and I will tell it […] My name is Nobody. Nobody I am called by mother, father, and by all my comrades.


    At this point Odysseus and his men start their attack on Polyphemus, who in search for help begins screaming “Nobody is hurting me”, to which- clearly- no other Cyclops responds. Thanks to this ploy, the king of Ithaca securely reaches his ship and continues his journey across the Mediterranean sea.

    why this name?

    The Odyssey narrates Odysseus’ journey towards his native Ithaca after the Trojan war. His road is all but smooth: sirens, cyclopes, Poseidon, lotus-eaters, it seems like everyone is getting in the way to prevent his homecoming. After ten years of wandering, the king finally arrives at his homeland and eventually restores peace on the island of Ithaca.


    The Odyssey tells stories of loyalty, nostalgia, hospitality, spiritual growth and proof of identity. And this is a bit like what we do here at Kanenas. We grow by connecting with our community and by providing a warm atmosphere for our guests. We stay loyal to high quality and fresh ingredients, no matter the cost. We create nostalgia by offering tastes from faraway lands, getting you closer to your memories as a child. We let our identity transpire through our recipes, blending tradition with innovation.

  • food menu | available for sit in + takeaway

    available until 3.30pm


    FYI our sourdough loaves (all made in house from scratch using organic flour ONLY) are available to purchase on SATURDAYS only (we occasionally bake on Sundays + bank holidays too, so make sure you follow us on social medias to see what we are up to!)


    good morning cinnamon buns | croissants + cruffins | VE + GF options | spanakopita croissants
    our famous doughnuts 2.5 plain | 3.2 filled AVAILABLE THURSDAY TO SUNDAY (after 10am)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    EVERY DAY | organic sourdough toasties (available until close)

    • Alfa: housemade mint pesto, roasted courgette, sundried tomatoes + lemon (Ve) 6-
    • Beta: roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes, whipped greek feta, balsamic (V) 7-
    • Delta: prosciutto crudo, whipped greek feta, mint pesto, roasted courgette 8-
    • Kappa: spicy nduja, italian mozzarella, housemade lemon salsa verde (S) 8-
    • Epsilon: greek pastrami, mature cheddar, pickles, english mustard (S) 8-
    • Sigma: mature cheddar, italian mozzarella, tinos graviera (V) 7.5


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    WEDNESDAY TO SUNDAY only | available until 3.30pm

    housemade granola w greek yoghurt, banana caramel + organic dried banana chips (GF) (V)
    housemade organic sourdough toast w organic butter +
    housemade jam (V) OR housemade Nutella (Ve) OR cretan thyme honey
    eggs your way on housemade organic sourdough toast (V) / ADD SIDES (see bottom of the menu)
    2 free range eggs poached, fried or scrambled (+0.5)
    cretan eggs w housemade organic sourdough toast (V) (S)
    2 free range poached eggs, greek yoghurt, staka, gochugaru, sumac
    strapatsada & pastourmas w housemade organic sourdough toast
    2 free range eggs, slow roasted tomato sauce, feta, seasoned air-dried cured beef
    imam aubergine eggs served w kolios pita (V)
    2 free range poached eggs, slow roasted aubergine, tinos graviera cheese
    organic sourdough toasties (available until close- SEE LIST ABOVE)
    brunch style pitas / add greek feta (V) +0.6
    • Helen: roasted aubergine, hummus, walnuts, diced tomato + cucumber salad (Ve) (S) 6.5
    • Zeus: hummus, roasted aubergine + courgette + pepper, spiced chickpeas (Ve) (S) 6.5
    • Apollo: housemade beetroot hummus, halloumi, roasted courgettes, gremolata (V) 7
    • Ulysses: omelette, yoghurt, herbs + choose: tarragon mushroom (V) OR soutzouki sausage 7.5
    • Poseidon: omelette, dill gochuragu yoghurt, smoked salmon, tomato + cucumber salad (P) (S) 8.5
    add a side | must accompany a main dish
    organic sourdough toast 1-
    free range egg 1.3-1.8
    tarragon mushrooms (Ve) 2-
    feta (V) 2-
    pastourmas (air-dried cured beef) 3-
    soutzouki sausage 3-
    secret smokehouse smoked salmon 4-
    halloumi (V) 2.2





    (GF) gluten intolerant friendly | (Ve) vegan | (V) vegetarian | (S) slightly spicy | (P) pescatarian

    all dishes may contain traces of allergens | allergen info available on request

    a discretionary 10% service charge will be added to all food bills | 100% of service charge goes to staff

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